Software made by me

From this page you can find all the software I have made (and released). Most of the software is released under the GNU General Public Licence, so you are free to copy, modify and distribute it without cost as long as all software you make including some of my code is released under the GPL, too. They have been tested only on Linux, but may work on other UNIX-variants, too.

Most of the programs were made to scratch a specific itch that I had. Nowadays I don't have much time for coding, so the development of most of the programs has stopped. That doesn't mean they're useless, just that they're "good enough" for me. If you'd like to continue developing some of the software below, you are welcome to do it, but please contact me first.

Comments and feedback on the software is always welcome.

OpenRocket (External link)

OpenRocket is a full-fledged, cross-platform model rocket design and simulation software. It can calculate the aerodynamic properties of model rockets and simulate their flight. More information on its own homepage.


Current version: 0.5.2

Ledcontrol is a program that allows you to show different information on the normally-unused LEDs on your keyboard. Features include blinking LEDs, priority levels, user-made animations, arbitrary number indication, etc. It works both on a text console and in X.


Current version: 0.1.1

switchscreen is a program that switches the pointer of an X server between different screens that the server manages. It allows making a dualhead setup behave as two totally independent desktops, and toggling the screen by hitting some hotkey. is a Java class for generating 1/fα pink noise. It functions by filtering white noise using an IIR filter. is licensed under the BSD license, a laxer license than the GNU GPL.

Cliquer (External link)

Cliquer is a set of C routines for finding cliques in weighted graphs. I originally wrote it as a special assignment for the HUT Communications Laboratory. It's available under the GPL from its own homepage.

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